Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the online ordering cost? +

    5% commission of food sales. No other fees! You only pay for results!
    Our Price includes: Free website domain and hosting.
    We will buy a domain name for you, or we can add online ordering to your existing domain.
    No Set-up Fee! No Maintenance Fee! No Hosting Fee!
    Free Google Advertising (we advertise your restaurant on the web for free).
  • How will having an online ordering help my restaurant? +

    Online Ordering will grow your business. Maintain existing customer loyalty and attract new customers and revenue by having the convenience of online food ordering. Also cut down time your staff spends on the phone, upsell items automatically, capture important contact information about your customers for future marketing. Most importantly restaurant patrons are beginning to expect their favorite restaurant to have an online ordering option. It is very popular!!
  • Do I need to have an existing website for you to set up online ordering for my restaurant? +

    No, we can create a new website for you and include online ordering. Or we can simply add online ordering to an existing website you already have.
  • What choices will I have when creating my online menu? +

    We will create your online menu for you and make sure it looks professional and accurate. We will try and mirror your paper menu as well as the look & feel of your current website. We will send you the menu to look at for final approval.
  • How do we update our online menu? +

    We maintain your site for you, so you don't have to do any work or maintenance. Simply send us your updates and we will have it updated within 48 hours.
  • How do I promote my Website? +

    Promotion is easy and doesn't have to cost you any more than what you pay for in promotions today. Just let everyone know that you can now accept online food ordering. The simplest way is to advertise your website and online ordering on your next menu printing.. If you advertise today by flyers, in the mail, Valpak type coupons, or in the paper, add your Website address to the advertisement and let it be known you now accept orders online. Canvass your neighborhood with a flyer. Your options are endless and the more you promote, the faster you will increase your number of orders.
  • How will I receive online orders, I don't have a computer at my restaurant? +

    Online orders can be automatically faxed or emailed to you. All you need is a fax machine or a computer.
  • What information will I receive with my online orders? +

    Everything you need to fulfill the online food order. When a customer chooses online food ordering from your menu, you will receive the complete order, the payment method, the name of the customer placing the order, a call-back number, and whether it is to be picked up or delivered (if you offer delivery).
  • How will I be know when I receive an online order? +

    Our system is unique because we can add an automated phone call that calls your restaurant and alerts you to check your email or fax for the online order.
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